“Accelerating your English journey.”

Language and communication are about telling stories

All your experiences, aspirations and qualifications have their own story. Your desire to communicate is the heart of learning a language.

Learning and communication happens best when the subject is meaningful to you. When you are interested in and passionate about a subject, all your senses are activated. This is the peak state for learning.

This is why with ELA, you will only ever study

the most meaningful subject:



All our courses are based on the questions:

– Where have you come from?

With English Learning Accelerated, you always get a tailor-made service. Let us know your requirements and we will create a package based on your needs.

– Where are you now?

You will learn the English Language you need to be able to tell your own story. We will train you in critical language skills and provide you with the most opportunities to put your new language into action.

– Where are you going?

The reasons that you have for wanting to be able to communicate in English will form the core of your studies with us.


When you choose to study English with us, you learn specific language tools which you can use to tell your own story.

Whether you are learning for academic or professional reasons, our courses are always focused on developing the specific language skills you need to move you forward in your story.

Most other language schools teach a random variety of materials, based on current affairs or topics that suit the most basic purposes. Other courses you can find, tend to be so generalistic in their approach, that they can only provide a limited learning experience.

The English Language is famous throughout the world. It has a rich history and tradition. The reason why is because we know how to tell great stories. But that is something natural to all of us. As children, we are well connected with our imagination and creativity.

When we see the world as new, with innocent eyes, everything is a great adventure. When you take a course with English Learning Accelerated, you will be provided with a safe learning environment into which you can once again explore your imagination and learn.

Read the short story that goes with this picture!


All our courses are based on principles of:

Learning; Communication; and Organisation.

Our unique narrative curriculum contains within it all the elements from the General English Common European Framework.

Not only will you leave our courses with an increased ability to communicate in English, our methods ensure that you will have improved your learning and organisational skills also.


All courses offer:

A personalised, goal-focused, learning experience: The workbook which you are given at the beginning of the course is a template to help you focus on the area of your choice.

A powerful tailor-made learning environment: Our teaching curriculum is designed to give you opportunities to utilise the English Language you have learned.

Accelerated Learning techniques for effective absorption and assimilation: Using the basics of reading, writing, listening and speaking you can utilise these techniques ways to explore the language material.

Personal Tutorial Sessions: Available over the duration of the course, minimum of 1 per week.








Each day will have the same structure of classes in the morning and activities in the afternoon. All class members are to be punctual and prepared.

Our project-based approach means that at the end of the course you will:

– Make a formal presentation; and,

– Have created a portfolio, recording all the language you have acquired including a detailed map of how to progress your new language abilities in your chosen direction.

Our curriculum, course materials and activities have been designed for you, over many combined years of teaching to immediately improve your language skills and also to enhance your ability to learn and communicate.

You will be presented with as many opportunities possible to absorb and use what you will learn. Our job as your teachers is to give you the language that you need AND to do this in a way that keeps you highly motivated and engaged.

Using accelerated learning tools, you will discover faster and more effective ways to learn. We ask that you come ready and willing to participate to the fullest extent you can, so you can get the most out of your English Language experience.

All our courses come with a Full Satisfaction Guarantee. Please enquire for further details to info@englishlearningaccelerated.com



“Accelerating your English journey.”


All courses can be delivered in-house or at our venue in Hastings, UK.

Packages can include: Host Families, Residencies, Cultural Activities, Meetings with Native and Other Speakers of English, Visits to Places of Interest, A range of Sports and Recreation Activities, including: Dance, Rhythms and Percussion, Graffiti Art, Skate and BMX