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Artwork and Doodles

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My Super Character

Moonlight Priestess.

Her name is Akmarel. She was born in the year 844 in enchanted forest. Elves taught her clan new secrets of magic and could use power of fire, water, air and ice. They was peace nation, but in the year 853, when she was 9 years old, huge army of people came down from the Great Big Mountain and killed everyone in her village exept her.

Moonlight Goddess saved her and made Akmarel her priestess. Now she is learning more and more about magic and once she will take revenge.” [uncorrected]



Super Worm Hero

“Always he is normal worm who goes to work everyday. But when Wormland is in trubble, he’s Superworm.

He’s the fastest, the strongest worm all over the world who also can’t die and can fly. Guard of the Wormland.” [uncorrected]


The Bounty Hunter

Theckdron, (nickname) Wentkiller)

The shapeshifter from Mandalar he is always alone because he doesn’t want to lose his friends.

Little characteristics:

  • brave
  • strong
  • cruel
  • he doesn’t afraid of death
  • he doesn’t help anybody if he doesn’t got the money
  • he has a light sabre because he killed a lot of siths and jedis
  • he has a little bit missions with the crew of Bobba Fett
  • his sniper rifle

That rifle is very old but powerfull; he used the rifle to kill people to which was stronger that he. Always is a very bloody death because Wentkiller use the blowing up cartridges.” [uncorrected]