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The top 3 communication errors in English that are costing your organisation time and money…

Miscommunication is expensive. Getting your message across successfully brings you results. But just having the right words is not enough.

Miscommunication happens when people make these three basic errors:

– Being unclear about your purpose. When you haven’t taken the time to clearly formulate your intentions, this echoes across your body language and in your voice. You can say all the right things and still be unconvincing to your listeners.

– Not paying attention to the quality of the connection with your audience. A distorted communications channel is a recipe for misunderstanding and poor relations.

– Putting your language skills first. Your listeners don’t want to have their attention drawn to your language ability. They want to hear the story that you’ve prepared for them.

Most Business English courses give you only the basic language you need to use. But focusing only on the words means that you will miss out on 75% of the meaning of the communications that you have to make. This is because successful communication relies on more than just words.

When you become familiar with the general grammar and vocabulary that you need, you still need to learn how to apply these to your specific situation. Knowing what to say does not guarantee that your message will be successfully received. Your successful communication relies on the quality of the connection you make with your audience.

To maximise the effectiveness of all your communications, you must stop making those costly errors.

Whether you’re in negotiation, giving a presentation, talking on the phone or via the web, writing sales or training materials, or engaged in direct conversation, your course with ELA will show you how to:

  • Be strategic in all your communications;
  • Create high quality connections with your audience;
  • Be prepared knowing what to say but also how to say it.

When you are motivated by purpose and you have a clear channel of communication, then your message will get through.

Once you’ve set the tone and your audience is engaged, then you can use your words to tell your story.

This is what it means to be a skilled communicator, and these are the skills you will develop with English Learning Accelerated.


Business English – Business Excellence

Finally, a Business English course that utilises your real-world professional environment as the context for enhancing your communication.

Using goals-based, accelerated learning you’ll dramatically enhance your communication skills to:

  • Become familiar with all the methods of interaction that your role requires;
  • Express the function of your organisation and your role in it;
  • Explain the activities of your department and its relationship to other areas of the organisation;
  • Describe the big-picture of your role, from a wider industrial perspective.

You will also make the connection with your own professional development and be able to express your career goals and reflections.

On completion of an ELA Business Excellence course, your staff will have rapidly increased their learning, communication and organisational skills, and will be able to:

– Prepare for detailed presentations at short notice;

– Apply what they have learnt in value-added actions;

– Improve their problem-solving capacity;

– Take charge of their own development and motivation;

– Quickly and easily create high quality relations with stakeholders;

– Know how to capture the attention of any audience;

– Deliver better client service.

Learning is a high leverage investment, and by having your staff trained in these advanced communication abilities your organisation will benefit from:

– Increased confidence and moral;

– Stronger internal relationships;

– Enhanced employer reputation; and,

– Higher total operations efficiency.

All our training courses come with a full satisfaction guarantee. If you follow our recommendations but do not receive these benefits, we will give you a full refund.


To book this training for your organisation, please contact us now with your requirements by sending an email to



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