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FEEDBACK: From an IELTS Student…

One of my current students is going to take her IELTS so she can apply for an MA in Public Health. She’s already got her medical degree in Italy, and now wants to work here in the UK. She needs to update her qualifications so she can specialise in her chosen subject.

Here’s what she said about the IELTS Training Programme she’s been taking with me:

“With Khalil I have learnt a faster and more efficient way of studying English. First of all, he taught me how to memorise the structure of the IELTS test using colors and schemes. Secondly, as my biggest problems were in listening and writing tasks, he has helped me on using my strengths, reading and speaking, as strategies to improve and face my weaknesses. With exercises such as reading the newspaper and commenting on graphs or listening to different accents of English, I improved my vocabulary in terms of comparisons of information, and descriptions of histograms and pronunciation.” A.M. from Italy

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Silly Stories

After learning some new vocabulary and phrases, we decided to write some silly stories!

The Adventure of Alpaca

“Last year one Alpaca was in the desert and she was angry because she was hungry. After long way she started shaking because she saw a gang of alpacas. She came to the gang and she gave to their boss deadly kiss and ate him. Then she pointed to other alpacas and all of them started dance because they were happy.” [uncorrected]



Two friends went to the shop. “I look forward to shopping.”

The had much money. ” I have much took money.”

They took many clothes. “O, it’s very beautifel.”

But one friend lost his wallet. “Omg, I lose my wallet.”

He panic. “WTH! Where is it?”

But second friend found the wallet in his bag. He point to his bag. He saying: “I find the wallet!”

They were happy because they found the lost wallet. And one friend clapped to second friend.

[corrections in italics]



Slowly, the water was dripping down the cold rock wall. The light of the mine threw it’s last light before it went out. The mine was empty, exept of the 3 mineworkers, who could feel there’s something wrong.


1-What happened?
2-Ouh, my head hurts…
3-The mineshaft was instable. It collapsed.
2-How manny lights do we have?
3-I’ll have a look.

It took the mineworkers 5 minutes to let their eyes get used to the dark. After a short wile, Luke came back.

We only have 3 light, for each one. I lit mine first.

What the mineworkers didn’t knew that the light would becaume their death.



Peter the Spy: Banana

Once upon a time, there was a spon(?) working at the FBI. One day he went to the supermarket he wanted to buy…. BANANAS! But ther weren’t any bananas left. He was thinking by himself, “why aren’t there any bananas?” All the fruit was gone except for the pears. So Peter went to another store in his banana car. But that store only had pears. In the whole city bananas were sold-out  stolen. Peter knew Coos the Pear Woman did it. He went to Coos and yelled angry, “Where are the bananas?”

Coos: I don’t know!

Peter: Yes you do.

Coos: No I don’t!

Peter: Why are there only pears left then?

Coos: Oh ok you’re right I stole the bananas.

And Peter waved Coos goodbye.




At the end of their course, to refresh and demonstrate what they’ve learnt, students are given a simple narrative outline and, in small groups, asked to produce and act out a short story.

These can be up to 3 minutes long and each person in the group must speak.

Students leave the course having had the experience of performing in front of an audience, in another language. This must do wonders for their confidence!

IMG_4063 IMG_4067 IMG_4101 IMG_4104 IMG_4109IMG_3400

Scale of the Solar System

These awesome students from Germany were here for two days. On the second day I got to give a 3 hour class to all 60 of them at once!!

After some games and other activities, they were given a set of instructions to make a scale model of our Solar System. They used paper, sticky tape, coloured pencils and a ruler.

IMG_3849 IMG_3847 IMG_3855 IMG_3850IMG_3852  IMG_3860

Even their teachers were smiling! (Well, most of them).


My Super Character

Moonlight Priestess.

Her name is Akmarel. She was born in the year 844 in enchanted forest. Elves taught her clan new secrets of magic and could use power of fire, water, air and ice. They was peace nation, but in the year 853, when she was 9 years old, huge army of people came down from the Great Big Mountain and killed everyone in her village exept her.

Moonlight Goddess saved her and made Akmarel her priestess. Now she is learning more and more about magic and once she will take revenge.” [uncorrected]



Super Worm Hero

“Always he is normal worm who goes to work everyday. But when Wormland is in trubble, he’s Superworm.

He’s the fastest, the strongest worm all over the world who also can’t die and can fly. Guard of the Wormland.” [uncorrected]


The Bounty Hunter

Theckdron, (nickname) Wentkiller)

The shapeshifter from Mandalar he is always alone because he doesn’t want to lose his friends.

Little characteristics:

  • brave
  • strong
  • cruel
  • he doesn’t afraid of death
  • he doesn’t help anybody if he doesn’t got the money
  • he has a light sabre because he killed a lot of siths and jedis
  • he has a little bit missions with the crew of Bobba Fett
  • his sniper rifle

That rifle is very old but powerfull; he used the rifle to kill people to which was stronger that he. Always is a very bloody death because Wentkiller use the blowing up cartridges.” [uncorrected]