Conversation Breakthrough

To improve your English, be able to speak more fluently and understand others, you need regular practice.

You’ve got to train your ear and develop your facial muscles and the only way you can do this, is to get as much practice as possible.

Sign up now for our Conversation Practice group coaching sessions, and you’ll be guided through improving your English conversations:

– Focusing on the communication skills you need to express yourself;

– Relevant to you and your everyday life, your relationships and your career;

– Improving your comprehension and confidence.

For just $80 per month, you’ll get one lesson each week and the opportunity to practice your English with learners from all over the world.

Sign up now for 6 months and get one month free:

6 months accelerated English language “Conversation Practice” classes – $400


Or pay monthly:

1 month accelerated English language “Conversation Practice” classes – $80


Accelerating Your English Journey


English Learning Accelerated


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