Preparation for University

What do you need to make your university experience a success?

Being successful at University is about how you study not just what you study. This is the great academic tradition. First the undergraduate must learn a traditional approach to processing and presenting information. Regardless of subject, all university students must become fluent with stating objectives, formulating enquiries, demonstrate consistency of method and logical approach.

Every successful student must come to terms with expressing themselves in a rational, ordered fashion, the foundation of which is communication.

To be able to write and present information in a highly organised fashion, you must be able to think in a highly organised fashion.

  • State a Purpose
  • Declare a Meaning
  • Identify Specific Objectives
  • Place in a Relevant Context
  •  Identify Obstacles
  • Apply a Methodology
  • Compare and Contrast
  • Evaluate

An essay, a report or an exam are all vehicles for highly structured communication.

All communication is NARRATIVE.

1) Start at the beginning.

2) Include the relevant details.

3) Finish at the end.

1. 2. 3.

Introduction; Main; Conclusion.

THE HUMAN BRAIN IS BUILT FOR STORYTELLING, communication and narrative use of language – Every conversation, everything you hear, and everything you read is a story.

And every time you participate in communication, you add to your own story.

What’s your story?

Consider the following example:

“I asked my 5 year old nephew if he could help me out with something.

‘What is it?! What is it??!’ He asked, jumping.

“I want you to help me formulate a strategy, taking into account the current availability of resources, environmental pressures and the actions of your competitors.”

Well, he’d already ran off before I got half-way through the sentence! But it wasn’t long before he was back and wanting to do something.

“I know!”, I said. “Let’s make up a story together. I’ll start, then you take it from there…

“Peter Pan is tied to the mast of Captain Hook’s ship, after a long battle with the pirates. A storm was brewing and the deck was strewn with weapons lost in the heat of the fight. Peter knows that the lost boys are too far away to be able to help. How is he going to escape and rescue Wendy from Captain Hook’s clutches?”

Without hesitation, my nephew started to tell me about all the things Peter could do. He was calculating variables, taking into account unknowns and applying multiple threads of logic simultaneously. Without even knowing what he was doing, he was looking at the big picture and the fine details, in a logically consistent fashion.

I could never have instructed him to do these things, but he had indeed done everything I had asked of him in the first question.


This is what a 5 year old mind can do. Can you imagine the potential of your adult mind!!!

The point of this story is twofold:

First, even as children, we are hard-wired to express the answer to the question:

“How do I get from where I am now, to where I want to be?”

When we express our natural intelligence, we are simultaneously strategic and creative.

Secondly, this innate intelligence is virtually, perfectly adaptable to any subject.

At English Language Accelerated, we apply this directly to the journey that you’re going to take to attain your degree.

You will be prepared for university by:

  • Getting you practical English up to speed
  • Focusing on the principles of learning, communication and organisation
  • Showing you how to prepare your time over the duration of your course
  • Placing your course in context with your big picture
  • Giving you specific tools for research, essay writing and exam preparation
  • Training you in accelerated learning methods so you can increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the time you spend studying.

When you prepare for university with English Learning Accelerated, you will get a disciplined grounding in the fundamental principles of learning, communication and organisation. We train our students according to principles so that they can take their understandings and apply them to their specific area of focus. Further, you will be shown and trained in how to specifically apply these  towards fulfilling your academic goals.

You will be given a clear and simple learning and organisational strategy which you can apply to coursework, research, exam preparation, writing essays and giving presentations.

You will learn accelerated methods of study, which will give you a massive advantage because you will spend less time studying ineffectively and have a broader understanding of your subject area, as well as increased comprehension, retention and recall of information.

This course is a pre-requisite for all of you who want to arrive at university ready and prepared to fulfil your academic potential and get the most out of your whole university experience.


If you are interested in reserving a place on one of our University Preparation courses, please send your enquiry to



1 thought on “Preparation for University

  1. Faustine

    I spend a great week with Khalil ! His way to teach is really different than how I used to learn in France. But it’s better because I’ve made a great advancement. In class he wants the pupils to have fun as they can have outside. Then in class we play games or we have debates… But always in English. Personally I feel more confident when I talk.


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