Training for Teachers – Workshop

How to Grow your own Curriculum and The Biological Impact of Learning

This course is an introduction to a different way of approaching your teaching practice, generating your own materials, and your own career progression.

Most teaching methodology is about procedure and policy and can often feel dehumanising. We want to show you the difference when you base your teaching practice in purpose and meaning.

We will be sharing with you our narrative curriculum strategy, which will show you how you can build your own highly impactful curriculum and materials, and how to make the most out of your time with your students.

You will learn about:

– Making the experience of your lessons visceral and inspiring;

– How to get the best developmental results for yourself and your students;

– How to navigate the learning journey.

You will be given a template for developing your own coherent, curriculum of study, which you can share with students so that they can create their own course of learning.

You will also get 3 complete lessons that you can use and adapt for your own purposes.

At then end of the course you will be shown how to bring all these strands together in a project based format.

To organise a workshop for your teachers, please contact



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