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What does it take to be a great teacher?

Learning means growth and that means extending current boundaries. It’s challenging because it requires new thinking and new behaviour. This exertion is fuelled by emotion related to the reason why you want to learn. The premium emotive fuel for learning is…?

To be able to encourage the feeling of inspiration in others does not require you do anything to another. It only requires you to be presently inspired.

Emotions of high virtue, such as inspiration, compassion, and appreciation, will be highly sharable, given the appropriate circumstance and setting. These are the emotions which fuel successful learning.

The inspiration with which you find yourself alive in the mornings; the awesome empathy you feel for those you care about; the deep gratitude you feel to be so blessed with your own talent, intelligence and resources; These are the emotions that are so great that you are compelled to enact these virtues upon the world in celebration of them.

You must demonstrate what you are teaching. You must be organised, communicative and be actively learning from your students and from the experience. You must also be deeply reflective. This is a core ability in preparing for and maintaining the classroom dynamic.

This is because what you get back from your students is always in direct relation to what you give them. Your regard for your students sets the tone for the classroom environment.

You must have the highest regard for your students, for their life and their talents. See them as they are and know the potential of each one of them. To be able to do this you must have the highest regard for yourself. We are all diamonds.

Teachers are present to propagate emotions conducive to learning, growth and development.

There is a theatrical aspect to teaching, in the sense that there is required a great flexibility of emotion and the ability to frame this in a narrative context.

However we are not dramatists. We are dealing with real emotion from real people. Furthermore, any sense of theatrics included in the teaching approach turns the students into an audience, whereas they are the real participants.

As teachers we must be trainers not actors, and therefore more akin to warriors than to players.

This is because we will always have precious short time with our students and with so much to give them, we must be wise with every moment.

The well-being and development of the students must be most prominent in your regard at all times when teaching.

The rules for establishing and maintaining the classroom dynamics you desire are straightforward and simple. Use these rules in your own teaching practice and you will reap the results. Your students will be energised by your classes and will progress rapidly. Your experience of your work will be greatly enhanced. You will fall professionally in love with your students and your enjoyment of being a teacher will reach triumphant levels.

When you integrate certain core principles into your teaching, it’s because you realise just how much is possible. When you realise how much it’s possible to do for your students in just one day, you’ll be blown away by the possibilities that teaching a week long course presents!

At English Learning Accelerated we love our students and we love having the opportunity to share our inspiration with them. And we want to share our best practices with you. The reason why is because there are around 1 billion English learners in the world and there’s no way that we can reach them all ourselves.

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You are diamond.


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