Are you getting enough Conversation Practice??

To keep on improving your English, it’s important that you get regular practice. The best kind of conversation practice will help you feel confident in your self, and give you the experience of speaking with different people who have different accents and different levels of English.

Even in an informal environment, students can learn so much from each other.  By listening and practicing your speaking, your English will get better very quickly. For some people who don’t feel confident in speaking, their English is actually better than they realise. But because they may be shy, they believe that their English level is poor.

This is why it’s important to experience conversations with people who are in a similar situation, so you can realise that your language skills are good enough to have a conversation.

To help you realise that you can speak English well, you are invited to take part in our free, monthly conversation class. Here you will meet other learners and together you will practice and develop your conversation skills.

To join this free class now, send an email to, with ‘Conversation’ in the subject line, and we’ll send you all the details.

The next class is on Thursday the 9th of January at 4pm GMT.

See you online!

Khalil S. Patwa

English Learning Accelerated


Accelerating Your English Journey


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