Silly Stories

After learning some new vocabulary and phrases, we decided to write some silly stories!

The Adventure of Alpaca

“Last year one Alpaca was in the desert and she was angry because she was hungry. After long way she started shaking because she saw a gang of alpacas. She came to the gang and she gave to their boss deadly kiss and ate him. Then she pointed to other alpacas and all of them started dance because they were happy.” [uncorrected]



Two friends went to the shop. “I look forward to shopping.”

The had much money. ” I have much took money.”

They took many clothes. “O, it’s very beautifel.”

But one friend lost his wallet. “Omg, I lose my wallet.”

He panic. “WTH! Where is it?”

But second friend found the wallet in his bag. He point to his bag. He saying: “I find the wallet!”

They were happy because they found the lost wallet. And one friend clapped to second friend.

[corrections in italics]



Slowly, the water was dripping down the cold rock wall. The light of the mine threw it’s last light before it went out. The mine was empty, exept of the 3 mineworkers, who could feel there’s something wrong.


1-What happened?
2-Ouh, my head hurts…
3-The mineshaft was instable. It collapsed.
2-How manny lights do we have?
3-I’ll have a look.

It took the mineworkers 5 minutes to let their eyes get used to the dark. After a short wile, Luke came back.

We only have 3 light, for each one. I lit mine first.

What the mineworkers didn’t knew that the light would becaume their death.



Peter the Spy: Banana

Once upon a time, there was a spon(?) working at the FBI. One day he went to the supermarket he wanted to buy…. BANANAS! But ther weren’t any bananas left. He was thinking by himself, “why aren’t there any bananas?” All the fruit was gone except for the pears. So Peter went to another store in his banana car. But that store only had pears. In the whole city bananas were sold-out  stolen. Peter knew Coos the Pear Woman did it. He went to Coos and yelled angry, “Where are the bananas?”

Coos: I don’t know!

Peter: Yes you do.

Coos: No I don’t!

Peter: Why are there only pears left then?

Coos: Oh ok you’re right I stole the bananas.

And Peter waved Coos goodbye.




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