FEEDBACK: From an IELTS Student…

One of my current students is going to take her IELTS so she can apply for an MA in Public Health. She’s already got her medical degree in Italy, and now wants to work here in the UK. She needs to update her qualifications so she can specialise in her chosen subject.

Here’s what she said about the IELTS Training Programme she’s been taking with me:

“With Khalil I have learnt a faster and more efficient way of studying English. First of all, he taught me how to memorise the structure of the IELTS test using colors and schemes. Secondly, as my biggest problems were in listening and writing tasks, he has helped me on using my strengths, reading and speaking, as strategies to improve and face my weaknesses. With exercises such as reading the newspaper and commenting on graphs or listening to different accents of English, I improved my vocabulary in terms of comparisons of information, and descriptions of histograms and pronunciation.” A.M. from Italy

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