How to correct your written English mistakes…

You’ve got a piece of work to do, a report, letter or an essay and it’s got to be correct. There’s something you’re not sure about, and you just want to get some help.

But what can you do when Teacher is not around??

Here’s four easy ways to make sure your writing is correct…

Use a search engine. Enter the sentence that you’re struggling with into a search engine. If you’ve made a simple error, google will normally say, “did you mean…”, and give you a correction.

If that didn’t work, check the first page of results for ideas.

Figure out the simplest way. It can be too easy to overcomplicate things. Especially if you’re trying to translate a sentence directly from one language to another.

What’s the essence of what you want to say? How can you put it in the simplest terms? If you were talking to a child, how would you make your expression understandable to them?

Find a study buddy. It really does help to know there’s someone you can ask when you get stuck. Find someone with similar goals and you can support each other when difficulties arise.

Use Grammarly. Do you use a word processor? You know how it will highlight grammar mistakes in green and spelling mistakes in red… That’s nothing compared with what Grammarly can do for you.

When you enter your text into the Grammarly’s online proofreading engine it checks for over 250 kinds of grammatical errors. That’s 10 times more than your word processor! Not only that, it also intelligently suggests alternative vocabulary, and will check your writing for plagiarism, just in case.

For just a small monthly fee, you’ll always have someone to ask when you need instant results!


You never need to be stuck when writing in English. As always, take a deep breath and trust your brain to deliver the solution!

Khalil S. Patwa

your English Learning Accelerated


Correct all grammar errors with Grammarly!


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