How to ask Intelligent Questions…

QuestionMarksFollowing on from the last exercise

You’ve now got some sentences that express your goals, e.g.

– To have a house in the country.

– To be in the top 5% of my profession.

– To go on holiday every year with my family.

Do you see that each of your goals has questions related to it? Every sentence you make can generate a series of questions.

Who, What, Why, When Where, How.

 You can now start a dialogue about your goals… Using this sentence as an example:

“I want to have a house in the country.”

– What type of house would you like to live in?

– Where do you want to live?

– How big will your house be?

– What style will your house be?

– What materials will it be made of?

– Why do you want to live in the country?

Choose one of your goals and write down 5 questions that you can ask about it. If you would like us to check your questions for correctness, send an email to us now. Next time you’re having a conversation with someone, remember to ask them questions about their goals!

Next lesson will be about using adjectives to give detailed answers to those questions, so you can build the picture of yourself enjoying your goals.

Keeping you posted…

Khalil S. Patwa

English Learning Accelerated



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