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What will happen when you reach your goals…??

cropped-ela-logo-v2_250.pngKeywords: Vision, fulfil, aspiration, according, construct. (Click here for google translate).


Do you have a clear vision of what your life will look like when you reach your goals?

What will your life look like when you are fulfilling your personal, career and family aspirations?

You are the only person responsible for fulfilling your aspirations. You have the power and the ability to shape your life experiences according to what you desire for yourself and those people important to you.

You can build a clearer vision with the following exercise about ‘If/Then statements’.

Starting with the goal statements that you developed from this previous exercise, you are going to construct sentences that describe your life as if these goals are already achieved.

For example, starting with a simple goal statement:

Example 1 – “My goal is to have a house in the country.”

You will change this sentence into an ‘If/Then’ sentence:

– “If I have a house in the country, then I will enjoy the peace and quiet everyday.”


– “If I have a house in the country, then I will grow vegetables in the garden.”

Example 2“My goal is to share quality time with my partner.”

As an If/Then sentence…

– “If I share quality time with my partner, then we will feel closer and more connected.”

Example 3“My goal is to earn at least £____ per year.”

As an If/Then sentence…

– “If I earn at least £____ per year, then I will be able to retire in # years time.”


Try this exercise now with your goals and leave a comment below, telling us one of your If/Then statements.

Keeping you posted…

Khalil S. Patwa


English Learning Accelerated


How to ask Intelligent Questions…

QuestionMarksFollowing on from the last exercise

You’ve now got some sentences that express your goals, e.g.

– To have a house in the country.

– To be in the top 5% of my profession.

– To go on holiday every year with my family.

Do you see that each of your goals has questions related to it? Every sentence you make can generate a series of questions.

Who, What, Why, When Where, How.

 You can now start a dialogue about your goals… Using this sentence as an example:

“I want to have a house in the country.”

– What type of house would you like to live in?

– Where do you want to live?

– How big will your house be?

– What style will your house be?

– What materials will it be made of?

– Why do you want to live in the country?

Choose one of your goals and write down 5 questions that you can ask about it. If you would like us to check your questions for correctness, send an email to us now. Next time you’re having a conversation with someone, remember to ask them questions about their goals!

Next lesson will be about using adjectives to give detailed answers to those questions, so you can build the picture of yourself enjoying your goals.

Keeping you posted…

Khalil S. Patwa

English Learning Accelerated


How to Motivate your English Learning

cropped-ela-logo-v2_250.pngKeywords: discoveries, implications, potential, accelerated, purpose, motivate, inspire, goals, interrelated, support, balance, imagine.

Keyphrases: unleash your potential; crystal-clear; mother tongue; mind’s-eye.


The way we learn is changing. In the last 100 years, there have been many discoveries in educational psychology that have huge implications for the way we teach and learn.

We know that it’s possible to learn at a much faster speed than before. We are discovering the truly awesome potential of our minds. We also live in a world where the ability to learn quickly and effectively is an absolute necessity.

All the methods of accelerated learning start at the same place: What is your Purpose? What’s your ‘reason why’.

Why do you need to learn? What will be the result for you? What will you get from unleashing the potential of your mind?

This is a question where there is no right or wrong answer. There can be no judgement about the value of your reason. Your ‘reason why’ needs only to be meaningful to you.

At English Learning Accelerated, Your Purpose forms the basis of all your learning. This is the reason that we want to help you become crystal-clear about your purpose so this can motivate and inspire all your actions.

When you have a clear vision of your purpose, it’s much easier to reach your goals.

The number one, best way for you to become clear on your purpose is to regularly write down your goals. The aim is to create a vision of what you want, in each area of your life; for your Career, your Health, your Family and Relationships, your Finances, your Learning and Play.

All your goals will be interrelated and support each other, and it’s important that they are in balance with each other.

Here is a simple exercise so that you can get started now.

1) Imagine yourself in ten years time. How do you want your life to be like, in ten years from now? What kind of job will you be doing? How will you be dressed? Who are the important people in your life? Where will you be living? What other activities will you be doing? How much money will you be making?

Take a moment to think about this, before continuing to the next question.

2) i) Find a clean piece of paper and a pen.

ii) In your mother tongue, write ten things about how you would like your life to be in ten years. Give yourself two minutes to write at least ten sentences. Start with the first thing that comes to mind.

3) Next to each sentence, write a number between 1 −10 that reflects how important this goal is to you.

4) Underline each sentence that you scored with a 9 or a 10.

5) Translate these top-scoring goals into English.

In this exercise you will be practicing your use of the infinitive form of the verb. You can use the following examples as a guide:

In ten years time my goals are:

– To have a house in the country.

– To be in the top 5% of my profession.

– To go on holiday every year with my family.

– To earn at least £______ per year.

– To provide for the health and education of my family.

– To share quality time with my partner.

When you’ve translated your top three goals, send us an email here, and we’ll let you know if you need to make any corrections in your use of language.

Next lesson will be about how to use your goals to formulate questions. By answering these questions, you’ll be able to provide detail to your goals, making them clearer and more vivid to your mind’s eye.

Keeping you posted….

Khalil – ELA

Are your mistakes in English hurting your business?

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Yours Sincerely,

Khalil S. Patwa

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