How to accelerate your English comprehension…

cropped-ela-logo-v2_250.pngKeywords: master, consciously, process, principles, relevant, focused, purpose, increase, significant, accelerate, tip. (Click here for google translate).

Key-phrases: speed up,  search terms, grab your attention,


Learning a language is simple and you are already a master language learner… You learnt you mother tongue in only a few years!!

Now that you are consciously learning English, you can speed up the process and become an advanced speaker in less than a year.

You can do this by using the same principles that you used as a child. The first of these is to listen, listen and listen some more!

The most effective starting point is to regularly listen to language that is relevant to you.

– First, be clear on the reason you are learning English. You can do this short exercise to help you get focused.

– Next, you’re going to use youtube to find videos in English that are related to your purpose. Type in a keyword and add one of the following search-terms:

‘How to’


‘Made simple’

‘For beginners’

For example, if you are a software engineer you can search for:

“Programming basics”

“Computer language for beginners”

“Software creation made simple”

With these search terms you’ll get a range of videos that use the essential language you need, in a way that will make it easy for you to understand in English.

Choose a video that grabs your attention and make sure it’s not more than twenty minutes long. You can watch the same video every day, or choose a different one.

After just one week you’ll be surprised how much you can understand.

If you do this for a month, you’ll be able to use this new language to speak about your subject.

If you keep on doing this each day for 3 months, your English learning will increase significantly as well as your knowledge of your subject.

Use this simple tip and accelerate your English learning now!

Keeping you posted…

Khalil S. Patwa

English Learning Accelerated


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