What will happen when you reach your goals…??

cropped-ela-logo-v2_250.pngKeywords: Vision, fulfil, aspiration, according, construct. (Click here for google translate).


Do you have a clear vision of what your life will look like when you reach your goals?

What will your life look like when you are fulfilling your personal, career and family aspirations?

You are the only person responsible for fulfilling your aspirations. You have the power and the ability to shape your life experiences according to what you desire for yourself and those people important to you.

You can build a clearer vision with the following exercise about ‘If/Then statements’.

Starting with the goal statements that you developed from this previous exercise, you are going to construct sentences that describe your life as if these goals are already achieved.

For example, starting with a simple goal statement:

Example 1 – “My goal is to have a house in the country.”

You will change this sentence into an ‘If/Then’ sentence:

– “If I have a house in the country, then I will enjoy the peace and quiet everyday.”


– “If I have a house in the country, then I will grow vegetables in the garden.”

Example 2“My goal is to share quality time with my partner.”

As an If/Then sentence…

– “If I share quality time with my partner, then we will feel closer and more connected.”

Example 3“My goal is to earn at least £____ per year.”

As an If/Then sentence…

– “If I earn at least £____ per year, then I will be able to retire in # years time.”


Try this exercise now with your goals and leave a comment below, telling us one of your If/Then statements.

Keeping you posted…

Khalil S. Patwa


English Learning Accelerated


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